Wednesday, January 12, 2022


There are currently one hundred and seventy three people from eighteen countries signed up to paint during NaMoPaiMo. I am not one of them.

In each of the previous five years, I've known exactly which horse I wanted to paint. This year, all I knew was that it had to be little. For a long time, I thought it would be Dotty or Hickory.
Then I decided I really wanted to try painting a leopard Appaloosa. Since neither Dotty or Hickory want to be that color, I went digging through the body box and came up with Pluto.
I bought this guy in June of 2020, with the intention of making him into a circus pony. That required a little bit of customizing, during which I almost cut off my finger. After that, I lost my enthusiasm for the project, and he's been chilling in the naughty corner ever since.
Fortunately, the finger healed just fine without even a scar. Pluto is the right size for this year, and leopard is the perfect color for a circus pony. Also, I remembered doing a fair amount of prepping before the bloodshed. I was cautiously optimistic that he was almost ready for paint. Sadly, one quick coat of primer put that dream to rest!
I've spent the last couple days filling pinholes and prepping and leveling his feet. They are very close together, which makes it tricky to get into all the nooks and crannies. I'm glad I bought those sanding sticks yesterday.
There's still a ways to go, but the worst of it is behind me. I'm pretty sure he'll be ready before February first.
Tomorrow, I hope to find his forelock and figure out how to attach it to his forehead via magnets.
Maybe then I'll be ready to make this official. Maybe!

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