Saturday, July 17, 2021

BreyerFest showing

I had big plans for the BreyerFest Open Show.
Unfortunately, life got in the way. Instead of entering the maximum number of photos, with entries specifically tailored to this class list, I ended with just sixty five pictures, sixty three of which were taken for other shows. Because of this, and because most the classes were really big and really deep, my expectations were pretty modest. I figured I'd get some good placings, but I wasn't sure they'd amount to anything as far as champs and reserves go. Sure enough, that was the case in halter and Original Finish Performance.
Custom Performance was a different story. Dun Up Purdy won a single class, but he had a lot of other good placings. It seemed remotely possible that he might be in the running for something.
I made a plan to hop on to the Zoom meeting in which the Open Show champions would be announced. Then I got busy and completely forgot. By the time I remembered, it was over. No one had messaged me to say congratulations, so I assumed it was a case of close, but not quite close enough. No big deal. That was a tough show in more ways than one. I was fine with just those placings.
especially this one
So imagine my surprise, when I logged onto Ponybytes this afternoon and saw this...
And this!
I did not expect that, and I'm not sure I deserved. I'll take it, though! Thank you to Breyer and the entire Open Show team. This wasn't the show I had planned, but I couldn't be more pleased.
Dun Up Purdy's one blue ribbon entry
P.S. My Family Arabian Mare placed seventh out of eighteen in the Original Finish Arabian Costume class. Huzzah!


  1. Good job! I love your FAM, she looks great for the mold's age!
    Adah Richards

    1. I had quite the FAM conga back in the day. This is the newest one. She's a special run from - I think - the mid 1980's.

    2. Nice! The costume color looks great on her!
      Adah Richards

  2. Many congrats, glad your childhood dreams for your FAM are coming to life.

  3. Super happy for you! Congratulations!

  4. Congrats! That harness entry really is lovely.