Wednesday, July 14, 2021

BreyerFestStress, part two

What if I priced it too high? What if I priced it too low? What if no one buys anything? What if people buy my things, receive them and are disappointed? 
How much money can I afford to spend? How fast is my connection? How many Elflings should I order? How will I survive if I don't get a Mushu?
Will I be I allowed to enter the raffle? Will my pictures do well in the photo show? Will any of my friends want to hang out with me?
The event may be virtual, but the stress is real.


  1. I have answers for you!
    You will likely sell out within minutes. At the longest.
    I am sure your prices are not to high. Not sure about too low, I'll let you know.
    People will not be disappointed with your tack, I have gotten plenty from you over the years and love every bit of it.
    The how much you can afford to spend... is unclear. I am there with you though!
    You should get all the Elflings, or whichever ones you absolutely adore.
    If you don't get a Mushu we can have a virtual pity party. I also am hoping for a Mushu.
    I don't know the answer to the raffle question. Your state has stupid laws (don't they all?)
    Your photos will do well in the photo show. I am pretty sure of that one.
    I would LOVE to hang out with you! I wish it was in person, but virtually would be cool too!

    1. I was not expecting anyone to answer any of these questions, let alone all of them. Your response made me laugh and feel better.

  2. Yes, everything Anne said. Though I'd like to add that you are not alone in these feelings. I've felt them all at one time or another, especially that last one recently. Would totally fly to CO to hang out with you if I could!! <3

  3. *Swoon* Your bridle is fabulous!!
    Adah Richards