Sunday, August 1, 2021


Trisha's father passed away in June. Instead of cancelling the party, her family decided to turn it into his Celebration of Life.
Yesterday I drove eighty miles to the Brown's farm in Wellington to attend NormFest.
I parked in the field...
then checked in at the Norm Shrine.
I signed the guest book and made a name tag. Everyone was asked to include the year they met Norm on their name tag. I thought that was a nice touch. My year was 1988.
I also picked up a Norman Brown baseball card. Norm was a huge sports fan, so this was a perfect alternative to a traditional program.
Part of Norm's baseball hat collection was on display. Everyone was encouraged to choose a hat to bring home with them. 
A local band played some of Norm's favorite tunes.
Trish sang, too. She sounded great.
In keeping with the traditions of HayFest, seating consisted of hay bales covered with horse blankets.
It was a lot of seats, but every one of them got used. 
After the service, we were encouraged to go pet horses while the food was being prepared. 
I was happy to oblige.
Hello, Jacob!
Hello, Miles!
We ate, we drank and we shared Norm stories. 
It was a great party and a perfect tribute to a man who will be deeply missed.

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  1. What a nice way to memorialize a good man. My sympathies for your and your friend's loss.