Sunday, July 18, 2021

BreyerFest socializing

As much as we all loving selling, shopping and showing, the most important part of BreyerFest is socializing. I knew my weekend wouldn't be complete without some in-person hobby time, so yesterday I drove up to Thornton to spend the afternoon with Fabian.

We climbed the stairs to Fabian's studio/horse room, where the BreyerFest live feed was already playing on his laptop.
We settled into the comfy couch facing the shelves.
Fabian's rearranged since my last visit. I really enjoyed looking at all his congas.
When Fabian likes something, he likes it a lot.
There was some show and tell with new purchases.
Love this one.
I also admired his currents works in progress.
After a couple hours, we were joined by Teresa.
She brought her BreyerFest VIP package and opened it with us watching.
Great swag!
Also, a great celebration horse.
Thank you, Fabian and Teresa for making this year's BreyerFest festive. Let's do it again next year, hopefully in Kentucky.

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  1. Can you tell us what exactly was in the VIP package? I'm all access, and have been wondering what was included in them. :) I love the new Andy! And Silverado, drool!
    Adah Richards