Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Wait state

It's been ten days since BreyerFest ended and the entire hobby is stuck in a wait state.
meme by Karon Radzik Aplin
The raffle models and prize models for the Best Customs Contest, Diorama Contest and Costume Contest have shipped.
Missy Shaw's Diorama Contest prize
The rest of the BreyerFest Special Runs and Limited Editions have not. We still don't know the identity of the volunteer model or the 7 Arts Surprise horse.
as good a guess as any
All this waiting is making people fighty.
I didn't buy any Breyers, so you'd think I'd be exempt from this, but not really. Moods are contagious, plus, there is another surprise model I have (probably) purchased and am dying to see.
Normally, I am a patient person, but I really hope the horses start arriving soon. Maybe then we can all take a deep breath and be happy again.


  1. My guess is Carrick for surprise or volunteer.

  2. definitely waiting for my event stablemate over here. Still can't believe the international shipping was included in the ticket price :D