Monday, July 12, 2021

Fun with tack

The theme for this year's BreyerFest is Horse of a Different Color, so I decided my BreyerFest tack sale would include lots of colorful tack.
And because so many people have been setting up barn scenes with their models this year, I also chose to make a lot of casual tack.
So I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that my sales photo shoot...
quickly turned into a fun photo shoot!
This didn't happen with every item.
I wish!
There isn't enough time for that.
Still, I had a lot of fun playing with these halters and bridles.
I love this bridle.
If it doesn't sell, I will be happy to keep it for myself!
Braymere Custom Saddlery's 2021 BreyerFest sale is just a few days away. If you'd like to add some color to your tack box, be sure to visit my Etsy shop Thursday, July 15 at noon MDT. 


  1. I love them all so much <3 really need that red leather one

  2. I really appreciate the way you model your tack on obtainable models. I know that, for me, when I see tack that I really like modeled on a three thousand dollar model it makes me feel like my BF SR won't look as good in it. Thank you for using OF models. :)
    Adah Richards