Friday, July 16, 2021

BreyerFest shopping

Most of my BreyerFest funds were spent before the event even started.

Still, if you're a model horse hobbyist, you can't not shop at BreyerFest S.T.A.G.
Kylee Parks' 2021 BreyerFest sales video set a new standard in hobby awesomeness. 
Her limited edition Mushu sculpture was my number one BreyerFest must have. Happily, I was able to score not one, but two of these cute little guys.
I also bought a trio of Elflings.
And although Barely Jolie is calling my name, I rounded out my S.T.A.G. order with a little bit of Chocolate. Stupid adulting.
I also ordered a Naiad by Jeanne Saar...
and a Sprout by Kenzie Williamson.
I tried and failed to purchase Amanda Brock's chickens, but a friend did score a Fraggle for me. Thank you, Bobbie!
Although I haven't actually purchased any Breyers, I am looking forward to receiving my celebration horses, especially since she should come with a volunteer model or two.
At this point, I feel like I'm probably done with my BreyerFest shopping. Still, the weekend is young. There's no telling what might happen.


  1. Oh yeah! Forgot about Volunteer models. Adah Richards

  2. I'm definitely enjoying being 'at' breyerfest for the first (and probably the only) time. 2 am isn't crazy early right?

  3. Those foals are absolutely adorable!

  4. I'm also in the class of "spent everything in the days leading up to." The collection is richer by 2 stallions and I'm free to windowshop.