Sunday, July 4, 2021

The parade before the parade

The Fourth of July was a big deal when I was a kid. It was the one holiday for which my parents went all out, inviting friends and neighbors over for food, drink, croquet and, of course, fireworks.

After I moved out, I worked a series of horse jobs. The Fourth of July became just another work day, but with fireworks at the end. Then I stopped working, and pretty much all that was left was fireworks.
This is unfortunate, because I'm not actually a fan of fireworks.
So I wasn't looking forward to today, at least not until Mary Jo asked me to come keep her company while she organized the horse entries at her neighborhood parade.
I arrived at the staging area as most of the riders were saddling up.
I had no trouble finding Mary Jo. 
There wasn't a lot to do because there was only one horse group, and parades are their specialty. 
Mary Jo and I supervised by staying out of their way.
While we were doing that, we chose favorites.
Mary Jo liked the buckskin the best.
I preferred the chestnut mustang.
Once everyone was mounted and flagged, it was time to lead the horses to the parade route.
Mary Jo and I oversaw this part of the proceedings from the back of a pick up truck. 
The horses followed right behind us.
It was the parade before the parade.
I really enjoyed this.
The actual parade was nice, too, but that first part was my favorite.
Thank you for the invite, Mary Jo. That was a nice way to celebrate the day without fireworks.


  1. I went to a parade too! It was so much fun seeing all the horses wearing 4th of July costumes.

  2. I love Mary Jo's tee shirt lol!
    Adah Richards