Sunday, November 8, 2020

Emergency Breyers

I didn't anticipate the finger injury, but I knew it was going to be a tough week. Since I had a nice sized credit with Breyer, I decided to order some emergency ponies. They arrived on Friday, but I only just got around to unboxing them today.
The Best of British Foal set is made up of two nice Eberl sculptures.
This one has long been a favorite of mine, and I really like him in this shade of chestnut.
The bay is a new-to-me mold. I like her markings and sassy attitude.
Yuletide Greetings is another first. I have never before wanted a holiday horse, but this one really appealed to me.
Instead of being over the top frou-frou, the costume is actually quite nice.
Created with input from Nichelle Jones, the pieces are attractive, well made and realistic.
I'll probably swap out the halter, but this is totally showable. 
And so is the horse beneath the tack!
Sculpted by Karen Gerhardt, this sweet faced draft reminds me of the horses at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.
Although I continue to maintain that I do not collect OF plastic, Breyer is making it really hard. All three of my emergency horses are wonderful, and I am happy to own them.


  1. What happend to your hand?

    1. I had an accident with an X-acto knife. It needed a few stitches, but it will be fine.

    2. I had an accident with my X- acto knife too! I was craving my Halloween pumpkin, luckily it was only a small cut.

  2. I also am not an OF plastic collector. Breyer is definitely trying to lure us in.

  3. Jennifer --*OUCH*!! to your finger --but I'm glad you're OK! (it's not your blogging typing finger, right??)

    However---*gasp* HOW can you say that about OF's???? (You too--Anne F.--we will talk to you later young lady!!)

    N-o-o-o-o---Don't you know OF's are the backbone of the hobby??? (Altho I enjoy it when you show off your droolicious resins---I totally get 'cha!!

    B-U-U-T---OF's are like the hot chocolate fudge that you put on your ice cream; like the fine wine you enjoy with a delicious dinner; like potato chips--no one should eat just one!!

    You need to turn to the "dark"---er, um , I mean the "right" side of the hobby Jennifer! we will convert you--and you will t-u-r-r-n! *bwahahaha!!**

    1. it is definitely a typing finger so prepare for typos!

      I started with OF's. I think just about everyone does. My carpet herd is precious to me, and i do add the odd Breyer here or there. Usually that's enough, but it does seem like they're trying to lure me back in. Troubadour is fantastic!