Saturday, November 21, 2020


This was mostly a vehicle for sharing photos from the Halloween barn party, but it's possible that I got a little bit ranty about my lack of love for this kind of boring, low effort set-up.
Those words came back to haunt me as I was working my way through the class list for the Field of Dolls Online Show. As per usual, I waited much too long to start taking pictures. By the time I got to Western Games, I was really tired. I thought, "I'll just set up Egg and Spoon and call it good." Then I remembered.

So instead of a quick, easy Egg and Spoon entry, I went through my files and found something a little more interesting.
I do like this better, but wow, it took a long time to set up.
The same thing happened again when I go to the English Games class. By this point, I was really, really tired, and I had some long, wistful thoughts about Egg and Spoon - so simple, so easy, so hypocritical! It was so tempting, but I just could not bring myself to do it. Instead, I sighed and tacked up a second horse. Here's Theodore and Navah Joe competing in a Three Legged Race.
I now feel like I have done my penance for that snotty post. Next time, if I want to and I'm really tired, I'm going to use that Egg and Spoon!

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