Monday, November 23, 2020


I have a complicated relationship with medallions. 

Between the Jennifer Shows, NaMoPaiMo and the Pandemic Performance Panorama, I've had literally thousands of medallions pass through my hands in the last five years. I loved so many of them. I love the artistry and variety and how they've expanded the market for our hobby's sculptors and painters. I love seeing them on show tables, both as entries and as prizes. Basically, I just love them.

That said, I don't usually feel the need to own them. 

Of course, there are exceptions.

This is the Bones version of Melanie Miller's new Uldrik 457 medallion. Inside the translucent, glittery resin there are 3D printed bones. I don't know how she did this. It is amazing and gorgeous.
Although it's flat, the backside is just as cool. 
Maybe cooler.
I don't buy a lot of medallions, but I am so glad I bought this one. Congratulations, Mel. You have absolutely outdone yourself. I love my bone horse.


  1. It doesn't hurt that it's oceanic,... and swirlymaned,... and Nokkian,...

  2. I missed out on these. I was sad.

    1. Mel says there will be more. Keep an eye on her page!