Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The continuing adventures of Little Elecktra

I've found another great photo show to enter, but before I start taking pictures for that, I have a few more Little Elecktra photos to attend to.

Elecktra's had a busy stay in Colorado. Last weekend, she attended a show with the Theodore, Peanut Gallery and the rest of the Braymere crew. She showed three horses in showmanship. Two of them did well. 
Then there was Beethoven.
This week, Elecktra has spent a lot of time working with the babies. 
Squee's halter training is coming along nicely. 
Poor little orphan, Uno, has really been missing his mama, so sometimes Elecktra naps with him after their training sessions.
Earlier today, the Chronicle of the Horse ran an article about camel riding. Of course, that meant it was time to break out Iamafam.
After that, things got a little crazy. Someone saddled up Emerald, and Elecktra made it a three species riding day.
That went well...
so Elecktra put on a helmet (which she should have been wearing anyway) and popped Emerald over a few small jumps.
Thank you, Anne (and Lynn!), for sending Elecktra to Braymere. It's been really great having her here!


  1. Seeing Squee's photos made my day - how charming!

  2. The photo with Beethoven looks so real! It's nice to see some use for those rolling horses in a regular show setting.