Thursday, November 19, 2020

Photo showing is hard

The formula for performance success is pretty simple: Enter all the classes and make sure all your entries are good. This was my plan for the Field of Dolls Online Show, but things have gone awry. There have been worries, injuries and distractions. Now I'm down to less than thirty six hours, and I do not have a single horse entered in half the classes, let alone all of them. I don't like doing things halfway, so I was tempted to throw in the towel.

Anne's show has so many prizes, and not just for the champions. This is very motivating to me, so I have spent the last many hours slowly staging and shooting performance photos.
Strangely, most of my efforts have been concentrated on the Original Finish division. My new Yuletide Greetings draft - now named Theodore - has almost a full set of Western pictures.
On the other end of the size spectrum, my North Light pony, Peanut Gallery, is earning his keep in the Other Performance classes.
Little Elecktra has taken over his handler duties.
I'm not sure this is what she had in mind when she decided to come to Colorado!
Progress is very slow right now, and I am fighting for every picture. There's no way I will enter all the classes, but I do think all my entries will be good. For this show, that's as good as I can do.


  1. I hate spiders (think Ron Weasley). But I heartily welcome Wee Elecktra to the model horse world of internet immortality.

  2. These are fantastic! Can't wait to see all your entries.

    1. This is most of them. I am trying to go faster, but it seems to be impossible. Photo showing is HARD and SLOW.

  3. And of course I didn't need another model horse until you posted pictures of Peanut pony...