Friday, November 13, 2020


You know that meme going around about today being Friday the 13th in 2020 and what that could mean? Well, now I know the answer. It's horgs. Friday the 13th unleashes the horgs. Thank you - I think - Erin for this delightful selection of almost equines.


by Erin Corbett

We all have seen various AI (artificial intelligence) creations floating around the internet for the past few years. As AI continues to get smarter and ever more terrifying, it does come with some unexpected gifts. Using an unknown database/google image search of horse images, this site creates what it thinks a horse is. There’s a lot more science behind it than that but honestly blah blah boring let us proceed to the deeply unsettling fruits of these AI labors. Whatever the reverse of credit is goes to Tracy Calamar who made me aware of these nightmares and the fact that it’s somehow not illegal for them to exist in the world.

Like these lovely horgle babies. Is that two babies? Or is it one… cursed, suffering? Nobody knows. Least of all the baby. At least we got ears!

Here we have some pintaloosa hrorgses. Is one of them playing a backwards saxophone? How many legs is that, really? And nary a face between them. Sad.
This horg is deceptively pleasing. But I’d like us to look longer … look harder. Under the veneer of a face and four legs - yes! Something vaguely horse shaped! - he is just as tragic as his brothers. Green broke though! Good boy!
This abomination is unique in that our AI overlord spared those four legs from the worst of its efforts. Look at the people. The horror shows where faces should be. The front-of-head predator eyes on our hrogse. Just Terrible.
This submission brings us a unique answer to the a-hole pony problem. Anybody of any size can ride a Shetland if it’s a Shurglund – complete with middle support leg for extra weight, and no eyes with which to do evil. The perfect pogne. Halter size tbd.
Arms? No.
Hands? No.
Horse body? No.
Two horrifyingly similar expressions of tortured acceptance? Yes.
Jerst mer an mer horg.

Our final entry is below. A hmorshle parade that is the visual representation of a stroke. This image haunts my dreams. Where is the vehicle? How many hmorskles is pulling it? WHERE ARE THEIR HEADS?
There are many many more crimes to be found at the link above. Jennifer Buxton, Erin Corbett, and Tracy Calamar bear no responsibility for the sleep you’ll lose tonight and every night. 

❤❤ Happy Friday the 13th ❤❤


  1. The distortion reached into the text. Who knows what else it reached.

  2. Weird! The remind me somewhat of the creatures and distortion of the movie Annihilation that came out a little while back.