Monday, August 10, 2020

More prizes

Today I received three boxes of prizes for the Pandemic Performance Panorama. The first was from Layla Bakhtiari of Quantum Horse Ranch Studios. She sent two copies of her brand new Frey medallion. Thank you, Layla!
Melanie Miller also sent a pair of medallions. These art finish Valentines are almost too pretty to paint and are just perfect for performance showers. Thank you, Mel!
They say that good things come in small packages, and that was certainly the case for box number three. Look at all these amazing things from Anna Helt of Dreamflite Design!
Offerings include three racing number cloths, a Western saddle blanket, CollectA size sports medicine boots and two stablemate scale halters. Since mini scale photography is not my forte, I'm using Anna's picture of the Western show halter.
There was also a lovely stablemate scale stable blanket...
and an absolutely wonderful CollectA Morgan scale hackamore. I didn't have a horse that fit this, so it's being modeled my Husband bust from the first Jennifer Show. Doesn't he look great in tack?
Thank you so much, Anna!

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