Thursday, August 27, 2020


The Pandemic Performance Panorama prizes just keep coming and coming. Some of the newest arrivals include this huge selection of minis from Anne Field.
This isn't nearly all of it. Thank you, Anne!
Hannah Mahardy of Burning Embers Studios also sent a selection of tiny things, including stablemate scale halters,
 stablemate scale cones...
 and stablemate scale boots. I really like the packaging on these!
She also sent two copies of her new Mindy medallion. Thank you, Hannah!
The last group of items comes from Lindsay Diamond, with an assist from her friend, Suzanne Combs. These three pony bags...
and face masks will be part of the prize packages for the Overall Champions. Thank you, Lindsay and Suzanne!
Don't forget, the deadline for entering this show is August 31 at midnight. Someone's going to win all this great stuff, but you can't win if you don't enter!


  1. I have never wanted to win an overall championship more in my life!

    1. I really want you to win an overall championship, too. Of course, I also want at least another 50 people to win one, so...

  2. Argh! Just found out about this NOW! Oof