Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pandemic Performance Panorama

Every year Bethany Show holds a big two day live show in Walla Walla, Washington. Her show has a lot of divisions and a lot of prizes, many of which are bought in advance and include a date. This is how she ended with a bunch of things that say Card Shark Live 2020 in a year when no one should be holding a live show. 
Fortunately, Bethany is resourceful. She turned her live show into a photo show and announced the results on a Facebook live stream. I participated as both and an entrant and a judge, and although it wasn't quite as much fun as a live show, it was a pretty good compromise.

And it got me thinking.

Here's the results of those thoughts.
The Pandemic Performance Panorama is an online photo show for the creative performance shower. Instead of the traditional Western/English/Other format, each class has a theme that can be interpreted in whatever way the shower sees fit. This is similar to the performance classes at Heather Malone's Candyland Live and the Jackpot Performance division of the Jennifer Show.

Entries will be judged on concept and execution. Concept includes interpretation of the theme and overall creativity. Execution includes correctness of the entry and photo quality. Realistic backgrounds are not required.

The judges for the Pandemic Performance Panorama are Mindy Berg, Margaret Balch and Jennifer Buxton. Each judge will judge all ten classes and award a Best in Show/Reserve Best in Show titles. All winning photos will be featured on this blog.
Mindy, Margaret and Jennifer
And of course there are prizes! This is just a teeny tiny sample.
There are no class limits and basic entry is free. However, if you'd like to be eligible for prizes (both awards and door prizes), there is a twenty dollar entry fee. 

Thank you for the inspiration, Bethany! 


  1. Hi Jenifur,
    I was wondering if it would be possible for me to enter from NZ? I would probably go without prizes to save the hassle of shipping halfway around the world.

    1. International entries are welcome, and I do not mind shipping prizes to other countries.

    2. ok thanks I think I will just enter for fun tho (don't think my 1:24 ponies will top it (yet) as it will be my first show (Excited, least the lockdown is letting people for around the globe start showing)

  2. also what level (if any) documentation would you suggest is used?
    thanks again

    1. Cardshark Live entrants provided documentation via a clickable link in the description field. Bethany provided a separate album for documentation, although some entrants used Imgr instead. That worked well, and I plan to do the same.