Monday, August 17, 2020


Today the mailman brought me a pile of bills, then doubled back a couple hours later and dropped off a box from England.
 The customs declaration said it contained two wool sculptures, dog treats, biscuits and tea.
Sure enough, that's exactly what I found inside! 
I have wanted a needle felted horse by Tomás Varela ever since his work was featured on this blog earlier this year. Now - for a little while at least - I have two.
The red mare, Ginger, doesn't get to stay. Tomás generously donated her to the Pandemic Performance Panorama online photo show so she'll be heading to a new home sometime next month.
I hope her new owner is prepared. This girl has a lot of attitude.
The pinto pony is named Poppy. 
Tomás usually works in classic (1:12) scale, but I persuaded him to make a traditional scale Shetland. 
She is so cute
I love her soft two tone mane... 
 and I can not overstate how fun it is to coax her into different poses.
Performing Misty!
Of course, I also had to play dress up. This halter was made for Rhian, but it fits Poppy just fine.
Ginger is a short timer, but this girl has a forever home.
Thank you so much, Tomás. I absolutely love everything!


  1. OH, wow. I'm more amazed than jealous -- I didn't realize just how pose-able they were. The conformation is right!! The 'need' and 'kneel' puns can now begin...

  2. I love your ponies! But how do you take such good photos? What background do you use?

    1. It's just a piece of white poster board set up in front of a window. The ultimate no frills photo set.