Saturday, August 15, 2020

Even more prizes

I may have had an empty mailbox on Thursday, but it's been overflowing since then. Here's a look at some of the newest additions to the Pandemic Performance Panorama prize pile, starting with this trio of saddle blankets from the amazing Maire Lanzafane.
Toni Rakestraw sent a selection of Earth Pigments...
and Corina Roberts donated a Seventieth Anniversary Breyer Saddlebred.
Two of my favorite Etsy shops gave us some of their wonderful 3D printed props. This all pink grouping is from Handcrafted by Kari...
 and these are from Lindsay Gunszburger of Mares & Minis.
Stephanie Blaylock sent two lovely prop items. I absolutely love this custom ribbon trunk...
and look at this cat! I'll probably save him for one of the winners of the Other Animal Performance class.
Finally, we have this super selection of 1:9 scale iPhones from my friend, Fabian Rodriguez.
These did not come in the mail. Instead, Fabian hand-delivered them, which was the highlight of my day!
Thank you so much, Maire, Toni, Corina, Kari, Lindsay, Stephanie and Fabian. I can not wait to give all these wonderful things away!

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