Sunday, August 16, 2020

Today we ride

In just a few days, James will move out of my house and into a college dorm. This would be a week of big emotions in any year, but in 2020, it is especially overwhelming. I am proud, worried, sad, worried, excited and - did I mention? - worried.
James isn't the only one who's getting ready to go. My barn buddy, Claire, is also moving into a dorm this week. Today was her last ride before she heads to Fort Collins.
There are four big wildfires burning in Colorado. It's hot, the air is thick with smoke and the mountains are completely invisible. 
Despite that, the barn and the trails were hopping. We crossed paths with Diana and Laura...
and spotted our favorite coyote. 
We call this little guy "Doggo Coyote" because he looks and acts doggish. 
Because of the heat,we dipped down into the trees as much as possible. Still, it ended up being a pretty short ride. 
After we put the horses away, Mary Jo drove her car around into the shade and opened up the back.
Instant party. 
This is a social distance cheers. 
Good luck in Fort Collins, Claire. 
We're going to miss you.


  1. When mine were heading off to college, a friend reminded me that there is joy in every season of life. It took me a while to adjust and find that joy, but she was right. Hugs as you transition!

  2. I went to CSU in Fort Collins. Best education I could've gotten. And I know about the worried/not worried. Hang in there.