Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Viva les photo shows!

Today the Board of Directors of the North American Model Horse Show Association (NAMHSA) voted unanimously to pause qualification of shows for the duration of the pandemic. "NAMHSA cannot stop show holders from continuing to hold shows," the press release reads. " However, NAMHSA will not continue to incentivize shows during a public health crisis." I know this was a difficult decision. Kudos to the Board of Directors for acting responsibly during this difficult time.
In other news, I received my prizes from Bethany Shaw's Card Shark Live Photo Edition today.
 I honestly had no idea my horses had done this well!
I won't bore you with every placing, but here are my Champions and Reserve Champions.
Raton Cebu, AR Stock Breed Champion
Emma, AR Exotic Breed Reserve Champion, Exotic Workmanship Champion
Rajun Cajun, AR Foal Workmanship Reserve Champion
BFF, Draft Workmanship Reserve Champion
Roundapony, AR Pony Workmanship Champion
Hoka Hey, AR Stock Workmanship Champion
Hometown Jimmy, CM Exotic Breed Champion
Cookie, CM Pony Workmanship Reserve Champion
Thank you so much to Bethany and her judges, Shana Bobbitt and Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, for providing a safe and fun alternative to live shows. I am looking forward to attending a lot more online photo shows in the months to come!


  1. Ah congrats on your wins! All the kudos to NAMHSA for making the right decision. And gotta ask - I'd really like to get into more photo showing! I'm having a blast prepping entries for your Pandemic Performance Panorama. Is there a central place I can find out about upcoming photo shows? I don't use FB, which makes finding out about things difficult.

  2. Congratulations! It's great to see Emma and Hoka Hey again -- blast from the past! Cookie is about the cutest pony ever.

  3. Congratulations!
    I'm not much competition when it comes to photo shows 'cause I only have 8 OF Breyers and one BHR resin, but the suspense leading up to the placings is fun anyway!