Monday, August 3, 2020

No background, no problem

Traditionally, model horse photo shows have required a realistic background.
photo by Mindy Berg
There are several ways to achieve this, the most obvious of which is to take your models outside, get down on the ground and take photos.
Other options include using a large poster behind your model...
photo by Corina Roberts
or building an in scale backdrop.
All of these methods can produce beautiful photos.
photo by Mindy Berg
But all of them have disadvantages, too. Models can get blown over in the wind. Posters are often shiny and  can be hard to light correctly. Backdrops are a lot of work and also require a lot of storage.
photo by Mindy Berg
As much as I love the look of a really realistic photo, the backdrop requirement is a barrier to entry. At a time when live shows are no longer safe, it's best to make photo shows as accessible as possible. Therefore, the Pandemic Performance Panorama will not require realistic backgrounds. Entrants are welcome to use whatever works for them. This is fine.
So is this.
photo by Heather Visser
Live show pictures work, too, although some are clearly better than others.
The only real rule regarding backgrounds is that they can't be created in photo shop or a similar editing program. Cropping, brightening, and minor color adjustments are fine, but anything beyond that is a step too far.
Or maybe not? Check out the updated class list to see a late addition specially created for all the Photoshop wizards!

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