Sunday, December 24, 2017

Double Purdy

It's just not Christmas without a Purdy box, and this year I got two of them!
The first was from Jodi Purdy, who drew my name in a hobby gift exchange. She sent a box filled with things....
some hobby related...
some not.
I am especially delighted with the Earth Pigments. NaMoPaiMo is coming!
The second Purdy box was from Tiffany, and it contained a dazzling array of performance props, including last year's basket saddle with doll and Mieka... 
and the cow and calf set from BreyerFest 2016
There were also gifts for the girls... 
and the boys, including Jose...
If everyone could stop sending me Trump things that would be great. Thanks.
Best of all, there was a beautifully painted Husband bust. This little guy was sculpted by Jennifer Scott for the Jennifer Show. I am so pleased to add him to my TJS collection!
Thanks for everything, Jodi and Tiffany!
You've made my Christmas Purdy awesome.

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