Saturday, August 8, 2020


I like prizes. I like winning them, and I also like awarding them to other people. All my hobby events are big prize events. This includes the Pandemic Performance Panorama. 
BreyerFest Stablemate donated by Jennifer Buxton
Here's a look at some of the things in the PPP prize pile.
Diminutive Duke micro mini donated by Jennifer Buxton
Bobbie Allen of Horse Tender Studio has contributed two sets of 1:9 scale horse shelves...
and two saddle racks. These are perfect additions to any small scale tack room. Thank you, Bobbie!
Kathy Wood of Timber Trails Tack Creations contributed a patriotic trio of blankets. They're all wonderful, but I especially love that fireworks blanket. Thank you, Kathy!
The next offering is four gorgeous medallions by Katie Langford of KLANG. 
These were featured in Katie's BreyerFest sales preview post, but the pictures - both hers and mine - don't do them justice. They are so cool in person. I love both the sculptures and the two tone resin effect. Thank you, Katie!
Last but certainly not least, Jackie Moore sent two amazing stablemate scale resins. This is an Animal Artistry Running Quarter Horse painted by Anthea Smith...
and this is a British Riding Pony sculpted by Vanessa Crawley and painted by Vickie Meader. Both of them are gorgeous. Thank you so much, Jackie. I know two someones are going to be so happy to win these!
Donations are still being accepted. Please visit the Pandemic Performance Panorama page or our Facebook group for more information.


  1. I hate fancy colored medallions! ;) I always feel like I am not allowed to paint them!!! XD

    1. I'm usually in the "just paint it!" club, but these are so beautiful. I think I'd leave them exactly as is.