Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Side projects

Between my ICEE horse and my prospective NaMoPaiMo horse, I've mixed up a lot of epoxy in the last six weeks.
Since it's better to have a little too much rather than not quite enough, most sculpting sessions end with a small blob of extra epoxy. I hate to letting that blob go to waste, so I've come up with some creative ways to put it to good use.
More often than not, the solution is to make ears. I have more of these than I will probably ever need, but they do come in handy sometimes. In fact, I'm pretty sure both of Zephyrus' ears came out of this pile.
I've also used extra epoxy to finish some long deferred repairs. Rev's tail broke on the way home from the Backwoods Two Day Show in 2017. I've been meaning to fix it for a long time, and this week, I finally did.
First I carefully dug out the crack with a carbide scraper. Then, I filled it with my tiny blob of leftover epoxy. I let that cure overnight, then sanded the surface flush the original resin.
I sprayed the area with Dull-Cote, let that dry and then started fixing the paint. Here's a shot from midway through the process.
And here's Rev looking brand new again
It's been a good month of playing with clay. I feel like I've made a lot of progress on both my main and side projects!


  1. So many good ideas for projects here! I have a question about getting the epoxy to adhere properly, such as what you did with the cow’s tongue. How does that piece stay attached to the model and not just flake off when the epoxy dries? Does the material have adhesive qualities? I’m curious because I have a couple of resins that need ear repairs. Thanks!

    1. Before I added the epoxy, I roughed up the resin surface with a carbide scraper. This gives the epoxy more to grip onto. It's not foolproof, but so far so good!

    2. Thanks for the tip - I’m looking forward to trying this out someday.