Monday, November 18, 2019

Early Christmas, part two

I judged Breyer's September/October online photo show, which was fun but also surprisingly difficult.
To thank me for my time, I was told to choose six traditional scale, regular run, in stock model horses. This was also fun and surprisingly difficult.
My big box of free Breyers arrived today.
Darcy was so excited...
until she saw what was in the box.
Don't worry, Darcy. Only two of them are staying here.
This one is going to Angelo as partial payment for a customizing job.
The other three will be Christmas presents for my nieces and nephew.
I'm not sure that two year old Milo really wants a running foal, but when I saw its name, I just couldn't resist.
Today felt like Christmas! 
Thank you so much to the powers that be at Breyer. I enjoyed judging the photo show, and I loved getting all these horses!

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