Saturday, November 2, 2019

Party animal

2019 has been the Year of the Model Horse. 

My year kicked off with a trip to California for Kylee Parks' Super-CALI-fragilistic Live. I hosted NaMoPaiMo in February, then flew to Oregon for BreyerWest in March. April's big event was Heather Malone's Candyland Live. In May, I attended Indian Paintbrush Live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. June was a little bit of a breather, which I needed, since July was BreyerFest. After that, it was all Jennifer Show, which lasted until roughly October. 

I'm not complaining - it's been wonderful - but it's also been a lot.

In the last six weeks, I've passed on a couple shows that were within reasonable driving distance. I felt kind of bad about it, especially since they both had performance, but the idea of packing one more tote has lost all its appeal. As far as model horse shows go, I am done. My year is over.

Now as far as model horse parties go... Well, that's a different story!

Last weekend, I attended a small project party at Fabian's hous. Today, I went to a slightly bigger gathering at Heather Malone's.
The party's theme was caramel apples...
Heather, Teresa, Teresa, Angelo, Fabian and I took turns...
and decorating.
I don't even like caramel apples, but this was fun.
We also played with the cats...
and checked out the new issue of Just About Horses
Hey, I recognize some of those photos! 
I may be done with model horse shows for the year, but I will hang out with these people any day of the week.
Let's do it again, everyone. How does November 16 sound?

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