Friday, November 29, 2019

Carrot Thanksgiving

Mary Jo's neighborhood food bank had ninety six pounds of carrots that needed to be disposed of immediately.
She picked up half of them and brought them to the barn for the first ever Carrot Thanksgiving.
Everyone got carrots.
And then everyone distributed the carrots. 
We literally walked around the barn and gave each horse a carrot.
The horses thought this was great.
This is what the barn aisle looks like on Carrot Thanksgiving.
Most of the carrots were distributed in a traditional manner.
Then Mary Jo decided that Lucy needed special treatment.
Lady and the Tramp. 
Lucy is pretending that wasn't fun, but really she loved it. 
After about an hour, we were down to our last carrots. 
Since the horses had had enough for one day, we walked these up to the show barn and left them there for the evening crowd. 
Despite the subfreezing temperatures and frozen fog, this was a really fun day at the barn. Long live Carrot Thanksgiving!

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