Sunday, November 24, 2019

Visiting the carpet herd

My Mom has been having a lot of problems with her old computer, so yesterday Ryan helped her buy a new one.
Of course, he also had to set it up, and then give her a quick lesson in how to use it. While that was happening, I sneaked down to the basement to spend some time with what's left of my California carpet herd.
Most of the horses (and horse books) have long since moved to Colorado, but there are still a few left here.
Hi, Aspy
Everyone was a little dusty, but dear old Combat was just disgusting.
I took him and his brother, Earthquake, upstairs for a bath. 
I dried them off carefully, carried them back downstairs and gently tucked them into their stalls. Goodbye, old friends. It was good to see you again.
My Mom would love for me to take all the horses away, but I can't stand the thought of it. There have been horses in this basement for more than forty years. It wouldn't feel like home without them here.

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  1. Awww... *sniff* You are lucky to have them. What's left of my childhood carpet herd is in boxes in my closet. Wish I still had everyone, but my mom chucked a bunch of them in a clean-out. Precious memories!