Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Extra bits

Fabian makes unicorn horns...
and feathers. 
 Look at how cool these feathers are! It never occurred to me to make them out of epoxy.
It's clear that I need to step up my leftover epoxy game. Next time I'm going to try some feathers!


  1. Neat. I make poop piles (road apples), real apples and carrots.

  2. I make rocks haha. But nice, textured rocks that are flat on the bottom and can go on bases later.

  3. I also make unicorn horns and I've made an attempt at some ears, kinda misshapen ones. :)
    I love all the other suggestions and can't wait to try them next time!

  4. Love seeing and reason what people do! I have also made tiny props and shoes and tails, but try to have a repair project or two on hand that could benefit from a little leftover epoxy.