Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Lauren's list revisited

Five years ago, my friend, Lauren Mauldin, challenged myself and other model horse tack makers to create a group of small but very specific tack items. I banged out the nameplate shipping halter right away, and several artists have long since conquered the Ogilvy style half pads. The other items on her list were perhaps a bit too niche to be of interest. I've yet to see anyone make monogrammed standing wraps or a scrim sheet. There have been rumors of composite stirrup irons, but I had not seen them myself... At least not until I stumbled upon Handcrafted by Kari's Etsy shop.
In addition to a wide selection of 3D printed stable props, this shop offers 3D printed English and Western stirrups. I was intrigued. After all these years, I'd finally found a source for Lauren's 1:9 scale composite stirrups!
photo by SmartPak Equine
I ordered a black pair because that really is the most common and conservative choice for real life equestrian competition.
It is not, however, the only choice.
Jumper riders like fun colors.
I do, too, so I added a pair of pink stirrups to my order.
The stirrups were waiting for me when I returned home from California.
They look fine as is, and with a little lot of prepping, they look even better. I would not hesitate to use these on my saddles.
That's one more check off Lauren's list. Three down, two to go!


  1. These are great! :D

    I started a scrim sheet but ran out of bias tape and never finished it. I'd forgotten all about it until this post...hmm...

    1. You have the skills to do it and do it well.

      I made a couple scrim sheets when I was maybe ten. It's safe to say they were not the lovely kind of miniatures Lauren was looking for!

  2. I always try to read Lauren Mauldin. And now I've got some stirrup exploration to do.

  3. I made a set of standing wraps way back when she made the post, but they were embarrassingly bad oops

    1. oops, I'm not sure why that comment posted as unknown. I'd love to see some of the model oglivy pads though