Saturday, April 20, 2019


Even before horses were my favorite animals, Breyers were my favorite toys. I loved everything about them, but especially their realness.
Since childhood, I have always gravitated towards the most realistic, least stylized sculpts. I want my horses to look like horses, not unicorns, pegasi or My Little Ponies.
So it's no surprise that I was more than a little bit intrigued when Maggie Bennett bought the rights to a 3D scan of a real horse and set out to produce it in resin.
"I'm going to need one of those," I thought, but it wasn't until this past March that I finally got around to ordering one.
The next day, I got an email from Maggie's assistant, Beth. 

"Thank you so much for your order!" she wrote. "Maggie casts these as orders are paid and we do them around her micro schedule.  With BreyerWest coming up, we have early micro work to do...  and several orders ahead of yours.  It might be mid April for him to cast and ship.  I hope thats ok!"

Secretly, I was not thrilled. This was supposed to be my instant gratification, treat yo' self horse. I really didn't want to wait a month and a half.

But... I understand this is a business for Maggie. She has to work in the most efficient way possible, plus it's not like I was going to want him any less in April. I told Beth it was fine, and I made my peace with waiting.
What I did not know is that a group of my friends had been conspiring behind my back to buy me a horse for NaMoPaiMo, and the exact horse they'd chosen was Hawk! My purchase temporarily foiled their plans, but Beth's email bought them a little time. They took my Hawk and gave him to Tiffany Purdy. She painted him and brought him with her to Colorado last weekend
How awesome and amazing is that?
Hawkward is my favorite color: Flaxen chestnut with lots of chrome. 
I adore everything about him, from his charmingly awkward stance...
to his goofy gelding expression.
 I am captivated by his real horse lumps and bumps...
and I can't wait to use him in all sorts of 1:9 scale world photo shoots.
Thank you so much, my sneaky friends. I absolutely love this horse. He is just so darn real!


  1. At last I know the meaning of your title: "towards Hawk."

  2. You can imagine the emergency text I got... "Find a Way to Stall Her!!!"

    love to ya!

  3. That is so awesome! And so very cool that this was a resin created from a 3D scan of a real horse. That just blows my mind. Technology is amazing. Your new horse is perfect!