Monday, April 1, 2019

BreyerWest loot

I brought an empty suitcase to Oregon, because I knew I wouldn't be leaving BreyerWest empty handed. In fact, I needed every bit of that space, as I came home with four traditional scale Breyers and a slew of other goodies.
The glossy Shire...
and pair of Truly Unsurpassed models were my compensation for teaching the halter workshop and judging the Youth/Novice Show. I also had a glossy Kodi, but I sold her in the show hall. 
Brass Hat models were distributed to all of the members of my workshop, myself included. I heard a rumor that these were samples, and mine is very, very purple. He's a pretty horse!
Speaking of workshops, Maggie Bennett had a few leftover Chispas after her painting clinic. She generously donated them to NaMoPaiMo, and also told me I could keep one for myself. Thank you so much, Maggie!
I also purchased a pair of Maggie's 1:9 scale horse skulls. The one on the left belonged to an Appaloosa mare, and the one on the right came from a heavy hunter. They are so cool!
My swap meet shopping list included a Takeshi sticker from Kylee Parks and saddle bags, dinosaur and two-toned blankets from Nichelle Jones. Check!
 And check! The saddlebags were extra-special because it turns out they were purchased for me by Kitty Grubka as a thank you for NaMoPaiMo. That was such a nice surprise, Kitty. I can not thank you enough!
Two new Nichelle blankets should have been enough, but I couldn't resist this pink, candy themed blanket. After all, my next show is Candyland Live, and there is a performance class named "Pink!"
Chispa, the skulls, Takeshi and all the Desktop goodies are staying here, but the Breyers - especially that Shire - really need a new home. If you're in the market, let me know. They're too pretty to become tack making bodies!


  1. I absolutely love my Nichelle Jones blankets. Your purple one is fantastic! And I can't help wondering what you're going to do with those great skulls...

  2. I love Brass Hat and The blankets! If your selling the brass hat let me know ❤️ The sticker is so cool too! What is NaMoPaiMo? I’d love to get more into making coustoms and showing my Breyers and model horses ❤️

  3. Those skulls are so wonderful!