Sunday, April 7, 2019

The CandyPlan

The class list for Candyland Live is short and... quirky.
Instead of regular classes with standardized rules, every class is purposely ambiguous. Here's how Heather describes the division on the show's webpage:

Performance is very different at Candyland Live. All class are titled with a loose theme and it's up to the shower to run with the interpretation. We will not be awarding champs to horses but to the shower in this division, though the horses will win the ribbons! You are allowed to show as many horses as you like but an individual horse can only show in TWO classes. If you are entering three or more classes, you also must have at least one entry that has English tack, one that has Western tack and one that is other tack (such as costume, harness, etc).

 This division is about creativity, versatility and depth. There are only seven classes and no real limits on set up time, size or complexity. Go for it!
  • ​Round One - Over Fences: The entry must be interacting with a fence or obstacle in order to jump. That's it. The rest is your call.
  • Round Two - Bling Bling: Ostentatious luxury, crystals, gold and silver, silk and satin, jewels and pearls. Whatever, just make it really fabulous and shiny.
  • Round Three - Wheels: Something with wheels has to pay a major factor, be it a cart, a car, a motorcycle, etc.
  • Round Four - with Animals: Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! Animal(s) need to be key to this scene!
  •  Round Five - Make 'em Laugh: This is how we find out if you have a sense of humor.
  • Round Six - PINK!: The Tiffany Purdy class. You get it. Lots of pink. PINK.
  • Round Seven - Ponies Only: This one is for the little guys. Just pony or minis should be the star.
 Judging Criteria for performance: 
  • Model is correctly and safely executing a maneuver that is appropriate for the class 
  • Tack fit and suitability/correctness for event
  • Accuracy of documentation, props (including dolls, if used) and horse in relation to event presented
  • Condition of model
I love everything about this except... it's really hard to prepare for. There's no coasting through the class list with your usual tack and props and familiar set-ups. Everything needs to be new and big and, well, creative.

It's a lot of pressure.

Add to that, Tiffany Purdy is judging. This means I can't use any of my favorite performance horses. No Jennibray. No Liam Bray. No Olivia. No Lady Liberty. No Schutzengel. No Snickers. No Dun Up Purdy. No Princess Trillium. No Flying Phoenix. No none of them.

I can't tell you how much that's raised the degree of difficulty for me.


As of today, I finally have a plan I'm happy with for all seven of those classes. It involves candy and ponies and George Morris and Jose and so much pink. I can't wait to put it into action.

Can it be Saturday now?