Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Five pounds of motivation

There won't be any ribbons or trophies at Saturday's Candyland Live show. Instead, all the prizes are candy.
I like candy, but I don't find it particularly motivating. Even though I loved Heather's fun and funky performance division, I wasn't planning to put a lot of effort into my entries. Between Super-CALI-frgilistic, NaMoPaiMo and BreyerWest, my hobby calendar has been really full, and I thought my time would be better spent preparing my house for Tiffany's visit, rather than preparing my entries.
Then I went to Heather's house to help her sort prizes, and I saw the five pound gummy bear.
This thing is a beast. I don't really want to own it or - god forbid - eat it, but for reasons I can not explain, I was suddenly motivated to win it.
I went home and got to work.
My house is still a mess - sorry, Tiffany! - but I am pretty excited about the fun and funky entries I will be showing on Saturday.
I don't know if I'll win the five pound gummy bear, and honestly, it's probably better if I don't! Still, I'm really glad I decided to try. And now, maybe, I should start cleaning my house.


  1. I am really looking forward to pictures from this show!

  2. I really hope I can pull it all off. Some of these entries are overly ambitious, even for me.

  3. SWEET. Literally! Have a great time! I’d be on a sugar high....