Saturday, April 6, 2019

Putting the candy in Candyland

I decided it needed a matching halter. 
Then I made another candy halter, this time in lavender. 
The second halter is a donation to Heather Malone's upcoming Candyland Live, which will be held one week from today at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds in Aurora, Colorado. It will come with a custom gift bag and a selection of 1:9 scale candy.
Speaking of candy... 
It's possible that I am taking this show's theme a little too seriously!
One more week! I can't wait!


  1. I'll refrain from the obvious pun... and instead say, What! No Junior Mints?!
    You have a good sense of color with those halters. I love the pink one.

  2. Oh my goodness that blanket and halter on Dexter is next-level adorable.

  3. I really wish I could goes and try to grab that halter aha. Good luck to everyone who's entering the show!