Friday, April 19, 2019

Friday favorites

Last December, I wrote a Friday Favorites post about Australian artist, Franceyn Dare's adorable "onesie pony."
Man, I loved that pony.
It took all my restraint not to blow my family's entire Christmas budget on her. 
Just look at her. So cute.
A couple months later, I received a message from Franceyn. "Hi Jennifer," she wrote. "I know you are flat out busy with the NaMoPaiMo, but I just wanted to say what an amazing thing it is for the hobby, everyone just adores February and the way it brings everyone together is amazing. I know it is a huge effort on your part! I have "tiny" something that I would like to send to you in appreciation of all that you do... Could you please tell me your favorite colour?"

I was intrigued, but too busy and tired to dwell on it. I dashed off a quick response and more or less forgot about the whole thing.

When I returned home after BreyerWest, there was a box from Australia waiting for me. Inside I found my own little onesie pony.
I don't collect stablemates, but stablemates in pink pajamas with flamingos on them? Sign me up!
I can't get over how cute she is. 
Just look at her!
And as if that wasn't enough. It turns out that Franceyn created a whole herd of tiny onesie ponies.
at them! 
So cute! These were offered for sale on a first come, first serve basis, and they were all claimed instantly.
Thank you, Franceyn. The world needs onesie ponies, and I love mine so much! 

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