Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mr Toad's Wild Ride

I don't buy a lot of model horses. This has less to do with interest or finances and everything to do with space. I live in a small house, and I am slowly but surely running out of room. I have to really want something to justify making space for it.

I really wanted this guy.
Mr Toad's Wild Ride is a Kylee Parks' Tadpole resin painted by Stephanie Blaylock in her signature leopard Appaloosa color.
I fell in love with Mr Toad last year at Rocky Mountain Spring Fling. In fact, I wrote an entire post kidding Stephanie about stealing him.
Earlier this year, Kylee gave out a whole bunch of stablemate sized Tadpoles at her wonderful Super-CALI-Fragilistic show. Stephanie ended up with a couple of those, and since that is her preferred scale, she decided it was time to re-home Mr Toad. She remembered how much I loved him, and gave me first dibs. 
The rest is history.
Thank you so much, Stephanie. I promise the little stinker will have a great home with me!

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