Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Candyland performance: Round four

Candyland Live's fourth performance class was named "Wheels." 
I had placed second in each of the first three classes. Second place is really good, and I had no quibbles with the judging. Still, I was ready to win one. 
I got a little nervous when I saw Jackie setting up her truck. 
Oh, I love this so much! 
Fortunately, I also had something good up my sleeve.
I bought this little ATV with the specific intention of creating a horse vs. machine match race. It's been gathering dust in my basement for more than a decade, but as soon as I saw the Candyland Live class list, I knew now was the time to make the match race a reality.
It didn't come easy. I'd always envisioned the match race taking place out on a trail, with both horse and machine steering around natural obstacles such as trees and rocks. Unfortunately, I didn't have a diorama for that. More significantly, I didn't have the right kind of doll for the ATV. It's very small. Only my littlest and bendiest youth dolls fit it, and they're all dressed in riding clothes. That felt really unrealistic for a trail type scene. I went back and forth with this in my mind, until the solution presented itself just a couple days before the show: Take the entry out of the canyon and place it at a horse show.
Just like that, everything clicked into place.
I really love the way this entry turned out. Expect to see this again in the future. It's too good to be a one and done.
Happily for me, Tiffany liked it as much as I did. Honeyson Fellow won my first blue coin of the day. Hurray! Hurray!


  1. I love that this entire scene is full of kids!

  2. I had one more that should have been in there, but somehow she arrived at the showgrounds missing a foot. Lol.