Monday, December 28, 2015

George Morris, the action figure

A couple months ago, Breyer, in conjunction with the Chronicle of the Horse, released a limited edition action figure of the iconic hunter/jumper rider and trainer, George Morris.
In accordance with his rather hefty price tag, little George comes beautifully packaged and is accompanied by an elegant display stand. 
Although not quite up to the standard of our best hobby doll dressers, his clothing very nice, especially for a mass produced product.
Mine will eventually need custom tall boots, because the plastic field boots prevent him from putting his heels down... and we all know George Morris rides with his heels down!
Of course, the most notable part of this doll is the talking. With the touch of a button, little George intones some of big George's trademark phrases. Here are a couple videos by Erin Corbett demonstrating these words of wisdom.
"Your shirt isn't tucked in and your horse looks feral. Get out. Just get out of the ring."
"The best exercise you can do for riding and your horse is push away from the table. Put down your fork."
The George Morris limited edition talking action figure can be purchased through the Chronicle of the Horse's website. It's pricey and may not pass Leah's I Want It test for most collectors, but I am absolutely delighted my purchase. I have no regrets.


  1. Now I'm imagining him riding with his heels up. He'd probably have a heart attack.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video clips; they are hilarious!

  3. "Your horse looks feral" Haha did he actually say that to a rider? Best laugh I have had all week!!

  4. We've been posting about him (the doll) on Blab and one of his quotes according to the Chronicle of the Horse article is “My dear, if I have an aneurysm, it’s your fault.” Pretty funny, IMHO!

  5. I once participated in at least one clinic with George. He wasn't my favourite trainer at all. I wasn't a target for his bile, as I was fashionably slim and was a good rider with a great horse, though other riders participating were not so lucky and reduced to tears. I thought his methods were unnecessarily cruel and he did some things that left me with a sour and wary opinion of the man. 40 years later and it still occurs as really unpleasant in my recollection.