Saturday, August 5, 2017

Amateur Owner Custom classes

Another one of my new favorite hobby things is having people call me over to show me their NaMoPaiMo horses.
This happened a few a few times at the BreyerFest Open Model Horse Show, most notably in the Customized by Amateur Owner division.
This division is for new artists showing their own work. To qualify as an Amateur Owner, the artist must have less than three years experience and less than five hundred dollars in lifetime custom sales. Additionally, artists whose work has won a live show halter Championship or Reserve are ineligible from showing in this division.
I had several friends with pieces in this division. This nice etchie Ruffian was created by Erin Corbett... 
and this pretty bay belongs to Mackenzie Purdy. 
Mackenzie had never painted a horse before NaMoPaiMo. Now she's painted three! 
This one won second place in the sport horse class. Hurray!
I was also happy to meet a new friend, Kitty Grubka and her NaMoPaiMo horse
Here's another one of Kitty's models.
I recognized this horse from my road trip to Iowa...
and this one from my own blog.
RD Sanguine was one of my very favorite NaMoPaiMo horses. 
It was so nice to see her in person and to meet her very talented creator, Sondra Householder.
Congratulations, Sondra and Sanguine, Overall Champions of the BreyerFest Open Model Horse Show Customized by Amateur Owner division!


  1. So many lovely models in this division! The appy Bouncer is my boy and he ended up winning the pony class :)

    1. I was 95% sure he was a NaMoPaiMo horse when I saw him on the table. Congrats on your win! I wish I had met you and got a picture of you with your ribbon.