Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Found and lost

A couple weeks before we left for Kentucky, Tiffany, Erin, Sandra and I were discussing our BreyerFest wish lists. I said that I would like to buy a Cary Nelson costume and a Bill Duncan sleigh. Tiffany told me that she had both of those things in her sales pile.
I immediately went through my Jennifer Show pictures looking for a photo of the sleigh.
When I found one, I couldn't help but notice that the sleigh came with a Meika dog.
So I asked if she was included. 
To my surprise, Tiffany said yes. 
She delivered everything to me at BreyerFest. The sleigh is absolutely gorgeous, but the dog... She is beyond adorable.
I was so happy to have another Purdy puppy in my collection, but sadly, that joy was short-lived. Tiffany borrowed Mieka for one of her entries in the BreyerFest Open Show. Then, she was "accidentally" packed up with the rest of Tiffany's tack and props. I hope I get to reclaim her someday, but for now, she's living in Illinois.

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