Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ribbons and bows

A red ribbon in a horse's tail indicates that the horse is a kicker.
Other ribbon colors have meanings, too. This chart hits my Facebook feed every other month or so.
Model horses have their issues, but kicking isn't usually one of them.
So I was a little confused to see several horses at the BreyerFest Children's and Youth Show wearing red ribbons in their tails. 
This guy doesn't look like a moody mare. 
Nor does this foal. 
And what am I supposed to make of this? 
Or this? 
The leg ribbons were even more baffling. 
Maybe this leg kicks? 
I had to know what the ribbons meant, so  I asked an entrant. She told me that a lot of the entrants owned the same models, and the ribbons were just another way to tell which one belonged to whom.
That makes a lot of sense when there are forty, nearly identical Nazruddins on the table,
but I doubt the owner of this nice performance entry needed a ribbon to help her find her horse.
I think a lot of those kids just like ribbons, and that's fine by me.
I also like ribbons and bows. In fact, I kind of want to start showing my horses with ribbons, too!


  1. The stable identifiers are actually in the rules for the show. :) We even looked for them when we stewarded the classes.

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