Friday, August 4, 2017

Collector's Classes

The Collector's Classes are one of the unique features of the BreyerFest Open Model Horse Show.
These classes are not a part of the Collectibility division. They are a separate entity with their own rules & guidelines. 
Each Collector's Class entry must consist of ten to twelve Breyer models.
Non-equines, clocks and lamps are allowed. Customized models are not.
The first and second place winners in each Collector's Class receive sectional prize models.
There are three different types of Collector's Classes. The first is the Commonality Class. Previously known as the Theme Class, this is the class for collections with a common theme. 
Commonality Classes may be collections of the same mold...
or collections of a single color.
The second class is the Variety Class.
This class is for collections composed of an assortment of molds and/or colors.
Variety Class collections may also have a theme. The entry picture above was composed of models bought at garage sales of flea markets.
Oh, how I wish I could find one of these at the flea market! 
The third and final Collector's Class is the Novice Collector's Class. 
This class is restricted to entrants who have not have won a Collector's Class at ANY live model horse show, nor shown before in the Open Collector's Class at any BreyerFest show. Novice entries can be either Commonality or Variety. 
Regardless of the specific classe, documentation should be provided for each piece in the collection.
The displays for all Collector's Class entries are limited to a thirty by thirty five inch table space. There is no height limit, however, and some of the displays were very elaborate.
The Variety class entry pictured above was comprised of Olympic portrait models.
Each horse wore the medals won by his real life counterpart. 
Valegro has the most! 
There were so many amazing Collector's Class entries. 
Even a non-OF person such as myself couldn't help but be impressed with the creativity and awesomeness of these collections.
My favorite entry of the day was probably the very clever "Saddle-bread" display.
This beautifully presented entry was filled with rare Five Gaiters...
and lots of fresh bread.
The documentation was presented in the form of a bakery menu. 
I'm not the only one who was impressed. This won top prize in the Commonality Class!  
Congratulations to the winners and hank you to all the participants. I really enjoyed this class. What a wonderful celebration of model horse collecting!


  1. This whole post is amazing. Somehow I missed it, so thank you for the glimpses!

    1. The BreyerFest Open Show literally starts at the crack of dawn, long before most of the Kentucky Horse Park is open. The Collector's Classes are the first classes of the day. If you don't get there really, really early, you aren't going to see them.

  2. So glad you got some great shots of Niki Hertzog's "All About the Bays" - I did the magazine covers for her :)

    1. Those covers were awesome! I had no idea whose entry that was or that you had any part in it. Thank you for the info!

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