Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Also during BreyerFest

Ryan sent me a text partway through BreyerFest. It read: When do you return? Depending on when that is you might walk in and see and 3D printer.

I arrived home on Tuesday, and sure enough, there was a 3D printer in the basement.
So far he's mostly used it to print 3D Chicken Buddhas...
but he also made me a tiny, sleepy horse.
I'm thinking props can't be far behind, and maybe, just maybe, we'll team up to make an English saddle tree... 


  1. That's so cool. You are one lucky lady

  2. That teeny sleeping horse is so adorable! An English saddle tree would be amazing! Ryan is the best!

  3. Chicken buddhas! Lol. Ooh those jumping blocks would be good to sell on etsy. Hint Hint.

  4. Mind.Completely.Blown. So very incredible what technology can do today! Just wait 'til the future!!!! :) These are amazing. The little sleeping horse is just perfect!