Sunday, August 13, 2017

The people of BreyerFest

The people are the best part of BreyerFest, and yet, no one looks their best at BreyerFest. It's so hot, so humid and so hectic. Everyone ends up looking a little bit ragged. Because of this, I am extra grateful that so many people were willing to smile for my camera. Today's post is filled with some of my favorite BreyerFest faces. Love you guys!
Sandra Gibson and Melanie Miller
Maggie Jenner-Bennett and Jennifer Scott
Andy and Luci Faraci
Christine Jordan
Kylee Parks
Maggie Jenner-Bennett and Christina Riley
Heather Malone, Tiffany Purdy and Fabian Rodriguez
Jeni Lambert and Jennifer Buxton
Jill O'Connor
Kim Haymond
Kristian Beverly and Jennifer Buxton
Sandra Gibson
Erin Corbett with Jason Burns
Sara Bowman
Sarah Foster, Beth Foster and Michelle Masters
Joanne Cermele, Sandra Gibson & Kristen Cermele
D'Arry Jone Frank, Sandy Sanderson & Laura Skillern
Sarah Townsend
Tiffany Purdy
Christina Riley

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