Monday, August 7, 2017

BreyerFest Saturday

Saturday is the BreyerFest Children's and Youth Show day.
I absolutely loved this show.
The only thing better than the entries...
was the kids themselves.
I had so much fun talking to kids and their parents. If this show is anything to go by, the future of our hobby is in good hands.
One of my favorite classes was the Celebration Model class.
This class was limited to the BreyerFest 2017 Celebration Model, Nazruddin.
Once the class was pinned, everyone was asked to come up to the table. 
Then judge, Eleanor Harvey, explained her placings. She discussed shading, overspray and mold flaws and answered the entrants' questions. I am a big fan of education, so I thought this was awesome.
I also really enjoyed the Most Loved class and will feature some of those entries in a future post.
After the show, I made the long, hot trek from the Alltech Arena to the BreyerFest part of the Horse Park.
I made a short pit stop at the Breed Barn, where I watched a draft filled performance.
Liam needs this costume. 
After that, it was on to the covered arena...
and then the special run ticket tent. By this point, I was very hot and tired and almost skipped the line. I'm glad I didn't. I drew a good number and things moved very quickly. Also, I really enjoyed chatting with Leslie Osborn...
and Jeni Lambert while I waited. 
I even got to meet Going Postal!
After making my purchases, I hurried back to my seat for Saturday raffle. 
Mackenzie and I engaged in a little dogspotting... 
and cheered for the raffle winners. 
Then Mackenzie's name was called. She jumped over the railing and ran through the arena so quickly I didn't have a chance to focus my camera!
Here she is claiming her prize... 
and bringing him back to our seats. 
That was a fun ending to what was, for me, a wonderful and frustrating day. Little did I know, more drama was awaiting upon our return to the hotel.

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  1. I love that they offer the Celebration Model class! It gives a chance to set breed assignments aside :)