Thursday, August 24, 2017

All the Re-ments!

About two weeks ago, my favorite hobby blogger, Nichelle Jones, wrote a blog post about her Re-ment collection
Nichelle's mini collection, I haz a jealous
The timing was funny, because I'd just placed three separate Re-ment orders the day before. Two of those orders arrived this week, and I am delighted with my new additions.
Like Nichelle, I try to limit my Re-ment purchases to things I can use in my 1:9 scale hobby world. For example, this hose will be perfect for a wash stall... 
and every tack room needs a first aid kit. 
These items could go in the stable office or a 1:9 scale model horse collector's hobby room. Additionally, the boom box would fit nicely into a musical stalls entry. 
I bought the tennis set specifically for the shoes, but the other items are also useful. The tennis racket could find its way into a games class, the dogs will play with the tennis balls and Jose wanted a new visor. 
Last but not least, I restocked the stable's liquor cabinet. 
This was mostly for Jose's benefit. 
I just love all the little things, and I can't wait for box number three!


  1. In carton, the beer bottles themselves look soused. At least Jose can sit up; I love his emerald buttons.

  2. Always a troublemaker that Jose.

  3. Where's Jose's poncho? XD