Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gateway to Kentucky

The last time I visited the Kentucky Horse Park was 1995 or 1996. 
I drove up from Memphis in a great big truck...
and spent a couple weeks working in a mobile tack shop...
that was parked next to the main hunter ring.
I was accompanied by my bosses, their son, a nanny, two Amateur Owner hunters and the best and most beautiful dog ever.
Those were good times.
Later this evening, I will start the sixteen hour journey from my house in Colorado to the Kentucky Horse Park. This will be a completely different type of trip, but I know it will also be good times. 
And one thing remains the same: I'm still selling tack.
As of this moment, I have forty nine separate sales items. These include one girth extender, two gaming quirts, four tie down roping neck ropes, two sets of sleigh bells, one running martingale, two breastplates, twenty two halters, one lunging cavesson with lunge line, ten bridles, one racing saddle set, one Pebbles scale huntseat saddle, one small traditional saddleseat saddle, one medium traditional saddleseat saddle and one medium traditional huntseat saddle. I'll also have saddle stands by Bobbie, saddle stands and tack by Rachel and a small group of unexciting but reasonably priced sales models. 
Please stop by Clarion Holiday Inn North room 220 to shop or to say hi. I am really excited to be returning to the Kentucky Horse Park!


  1. I was wondering when you were heading out. I'm assuming you're driving by your statement of a 16 hour journey so I'm surprised you're leaving tonight instead of first thing in the morning. I've never been to the KHP or BF so I'm quite envious of you. I hope you have a safe trip there.

    1. I am not a night owl. If I had been in charge of planning, we would not be driving into the night. That said, I am grateful for the ride, whenever it happens. There's not much to see in Kansas anyway!

    2. That's totally understandable. I imagine if some offered to pick me up on the way to BF, I would be ready to go when the ride arrived, even if that was 2am.